Ford 1710 Tractor Problems I haven't done a brake job on a 1710 but this is from CNH parts online and it looks very similar to other compact tractors I've seen. I think almost everything could be done in 2nd range, except heavy loader work. If you will go to your New Holland Dealership, I expect that they have a diagram illustrating how the latch mechanism goes together. Aug 17, 2017 / Ford 1710 pto grinding #7. The pulsing is clearly a lift control valve issue internal to the lift cylinder, meaning you'd have to pull the top cover to access. Re: Ford 871 Problem in reply to KCTractors, 10-10-2023 19:36:56. If you’re having some issues with your trusty L6060 tractor? These popular compact tractors. Ford 1710 Tractor Cold Start - YouTube is a start with the tractor cold. (Early 70s gentleman, his first and last tractor he said, he bought it 3 months ago. I’m looking for advice on repairing a hydraulic leak on a Ford New Holland 1710 tractor. com">FORD 1710 Tractors For Sale. Mar 16, 2015 / Ford 1710 Fuel Injectors #3. Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:05 am Post subject: Ford 1710 PTO problem. Engine details Ford 1310 Transmissions. The adjustable axle used on 1700, 1710, 1900 and 1910 models is shown in Fig. Ford Tractors > 1710 starting problem. Lutzy48 said: I was checking the fan belt tension on the Ford 1710 I bought recently (466 Hours) and I noticed that the fan/pulley assembly was loose. It was there when I bought the tractor in 1996. The problem seems to be aggravated when we are using the bucket with or without cattle feed in it. You ,might have expelled some dirt or debris lodged some where in the distribution circuit. It certainly was a great day for work outside in good ole Kansas City. 5 hp and was built from 1983 to 1986. You need to support your lift arms about halfway up with a jackstand or simular object. finspop said: Hello all, Could use some help diagnosing my beloved little 1710. Upon enrollment into the Program, you will be issued a Parts Perks Identification Number, which will be the Member’s phone number. I agree with Tom about the 4WD. Update on the pto issue, I drained all three drains and poured out 5 gallons of what looked like coffee and creamer. [Log in to Reply] Old Ford Mechanic 05-02-2005 17:40:56. Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2021 8:26 am Post subject: Re: Ford 1710 priority valve o rings. Engine details Ford 1210 Transmissions. If you Google that part number you will find a numeb3r fo places that list them used, but they all say "call for availability". Tractors; Lawn Tractors; Compare; Articles/News; Tractor Shows; Contact; Ford 1710 Dimensions. The o ring is tight enough to stay in place and provides a great seal and compress …. The 1900 has new tires all around too. This thread is archived They said it was a common problem but usually the result of damaged bearings. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. From what I understand these three ports are for Pressure out, pressure return and sump or tank. yorT said: A small tractor; Ford 1710 mid 80’s. I have a 30 hp John Deere 950 and it pulls 2 bottom plow or 6 ft disc, with no effort, it is 2 wd, my neighbor has a Ford 1710 less hp but 4 wd . Joined Jul 30, 2011 Messages 24 Tractor. Having problems finding the right parts? Give us a call on our Ford 1710 Tractor Parts Helpline at: 1-866-441-8193 and let one of our Experienced and Friendly Parts Techs help you with your order. 2 cu-in) of displacement and gear shift transmission with 12 forward and. Thanks Destroked 450, I'll check them out. Aug 14, 2011 / Ignition Problem Ford 1710 #30. Compare our prices! Pull Arm, Right Hand/Left Hand - For Ford tractor models 1700 (1/79-later), 1710 (1/83-later), 1900 (1/79-later), 1910 (1/83-later), Replaces Ford OEM number SBA370100351, Center to Center:. So after some research I think the problem might be fixed by replacing seal #5 and #6 in the priority flow valve. Allis Chalmers; Case & David Brown; Farmall & International; Ferguson; Ford & New Holland; John Deere; Massey Ferguson; Massey Harris; Minneapolis Moline; Oliver & …. It is a great tractor but it did have a rebuilt motor. Wheel weights are optional you buy with or without any # you desire when you buy the tractor new. Ford 1710 hydraulics and assisted. It is designed for Tractors using Eaton Style power steering pump. Buy New Fuel Filter BOWL Compatible With Ford New Holland 1110 1210 1310 1510 1710 1215 1715: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. 1710 safety relay problems discussion in the Ford forum at Yesterday's Tractors. Re: Shifting ford 1710 PTO in reply to flembo, 05-25-2015 02:53:35 I have a 1900 and I believe they both have the dual stage clutch. Does the rear of the tractor have a hydraulic screen somewhere that needs to be cleaned? The tractor has a new hydraulic filter up near the engine. It appears to have a small three cylinder diesel engine part of it is made in Japan. 25 inches, overall height of base is 9. com Ford 1710 tractor information www. ↳Ford 1520-Full Tractor Cab for N1 Tractor Canopy, Fixed ROPS Tractor Cab. Transmission clutch disc wear throws the PTO linkage out of whack, effectively preventing the PTO disc from unloading. The 1710 has three range settings(for ground speed), to the left side of the seat. Joined Jul 16, 2006 Messages 4,019 Location Kansas Tractor Ford 1700, Kubota MX-4700. Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:27 am Post subject: Re: Ford 7710 Problem. Aug 16, 2012 / Ford 1710 Breaks #3. Also make sure and purchase the correct hose size. The first time I used it the hydraulics quit after a couple hours. Starting problems are a very common tractor problem, especially with the Ford models. I just replaced a friends Ford 1710 water pump, no problems after we got done but after running the tractor for 15 to 20 mintues it starts to get hotter and hotter and stops at 3/4 on the gauge. Getting white smoke from the exhaust. Reply Save 9297oldram · #3 · Oct 11, 2020. and the leak means that you will need to rebuild the cylinder with. Tractor Ford 1710: Loader, Hoe, Snowblower, Box scrapper & …. When the problem started, I got the 2 red lights and headlights, and a solenoid click and nothing else. The specifications of the Ford 800 series of tractors are identical vertical inline Ford EAF gasoline engines, a bore and stroke of 3. Pull the cover off and the brake shoes are right there, very similar to a basic setup on an. Welcome Guest, Log in or Register: Author : Rocky Ford 1710 Fluid specifications and capacities in reply to Rocky, 08-22-2004 14:04:02 Rear axle/TX/PS/hydraulics 27. There were a series of tractors 15xx/17xx/19xx. My tractors 3 point lift bounces when it has an implement on it. Call 877-530-6620 to speak to a parts expert about availability and prici Hendricks, MN, USA. I've researched the forums here and discovered the fix action for this is appears to be to use SBA340060180 Priority Valve Hose Kit. Have you been having issues with your trusty old Ford 1710 tractor lately? As reliable as these machines are, even […] 5 Common Kubota L6060 Problems (Solutions Included) 2 August 2023. This parts catalog contains detailed parts explosions, and exploded views, breakdowns of all part numbers for all aspects of these FORD MODEL 1710 COMPACT TRACTORS, including detailed engine parts breakdowns. Ford 1710 Tractor Reviews, Value, Specs & Attachments 2023. We have a large assortment of parts for you to choose from for yours series 2N, 8N, 9N, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 tractors. So far a good tractor, everything Ive needed so far I was able to pick-up at a farm store here (TSC). Ford 1710 tractor has lost hydraulic power to. 3/8 inch wide X 35 inches long. Ford 1710 Tractor Problems: A Comprehensive Guide to Common Issues and Fixes A Tale of Two Tractors. Open filler cap to allow air in, open lower screw (drain plug) to drain. Joined Jul 16, 2006 Messages 4,014 Location Kansas Tractor Ford 1700, Kubota MX-4700. If oil is in the coolant system, an easy, effective and cheap way to clean it out, after fixing the problem, is to-drain existing coolant-fill with plain water-add some powered dishwater detergent to the water (so it gets circulated immediately, not an overflow tank) NOTE: it is VERY important to only use dishwasher detergent, and NOT use hand. com Last edited: Apr 24, 2023 Apr 25, 2023 / Ford 1710 Dual Stage Clutch? #3. Replaces Ford OEM nos SBA052300250, 83922404, SBA025300250, SBAS052300250, Replaces New Holland OEM nos SBA052110250. 4 kW at 2700 (rpm), and has a torque of 55. The 8cc pump has a note indicating the pump is for …. Ford 1620: Opinions Please. And if this don't help you will need to check the relive valve and verify that it is fine this should cure your problem. Dad) the arms will not raise and if the engine is not revved high they will even go back down slowly. Ford 1710 Tractor Service Repair Manual by 1639110. Much less flow than that won't make for very satisfying operation of modern loaders etc. Unfortunately, I saw that once before opn a 2120 when the HST clutch started coming apart and plugged the filter (wrong hydraulic fluid used in the tractor). Muffler Replacement for Compatible with FORD NEW HOLLAND Tractor Compatible with Models - 1210 1310 1510 1710 FORD NEW HOLLAND Tractor Parts 314100521 $87. Hydraulics are very very slow. Actually it won't even lift without red lining the tach unless I fully raise the 3 point hitch. Sidenote, called the local Ford tractor place to see how much a starter was and the parts guy couldn't believe it had a new part listed at $1000. Order Toll Free (800) 853-2651 Mon-Fri. It could also use the 939 and 940 60-inch rotary cutters, and the 917 flail mowers (62 or 74 inch). ford 1710 with jumpy hydraulics. Water can swell the paper and add a lot of resistance. Soundguy said: Both Walmart and TSC UTF fluids meet the Ford / New Holland M2C134 specs both oils are made by warren oil co. I suspect the loader just doesnt have the balls to lift the tires completely off the ground. On my Ford 1710, the loader is fed from a hydraulic manifold block. I do change oil @ filter at 50 Hrs of my light tractor use. and the leak means that you will need to rebuild the cylinder with a seal kit. The 2513 pounds tractor has a 3-point hitch system and a PTO output. I backed it in to where i usually park it and now it wont move at all. Mar 16, 2011 / Ford 1710 - Slow and Weak Rear 3pt Lift - Help! Thread Starter #27. Ford 1710 compression issues. When the engine overheats, it can lead to reduced performance and even engine damage if not addressed promptly. asylum said: JC, Hope this picture comes through. It has started leaking hydrolic fluid from the bolt between the two rear tires. The problem is the loader goes up and the bucket goes down with hydraulic pressure, but the bucket will not come back up and the loader goes back down with gravity, but not power. Fixing the weak and slow hydraulic 3 point hitch on my ford 1910 tractor. Belt - Fan for Ford Tractor(s) 1510, 1710. Tractor Ford 1700, Kubota MX-4700 2011 / Ford 1710 - Slow and Weak Rear 3pt Lift - Help! #30. A few months ago I had a dump truck deliver a load of gravel for my roads. You can usually locate the serial number on a flat part of the engine casting, just above the oil filter on the left side. If you are having no hydraulic problems then I would plumb one back in. 5)Engage the engine by turning the key clockwise. Replaces Baldwin Mfg nos BT8391, Replaces Donaldson Mfg nos P552472, Replaces Ford OEM nos SBA340500610. 5 Nm at 1500 (rpm) the fuel tank capacity is 7. Ford 1710 Compact Utility tractor is equipped with a …. The best solution to this problem is to inspect the level of hydraulic oil in your transmission. Tractor Kubota L48 TLB, Ford 1920 FEL, 8N …. You might need to try disconnecting the outside rod and using vise grips to exercise the lever. I say fortunately because I am not that great at fixing things. Here are a few to match your Ford, The Wise classic High Back in blue, Here is their low end for about $29 at Walmart. Mar 20, 2011 / Ford 1700 overheating and building pressure in radiator #8. Ford Tractors Discussion Forum: The steering was fine and it lifted full buckets no problem. Hi Mgoldman, I also have a 1710, and it has given a few occasions of the transmission locking up in two gears, I think in 1st and reverse. Oil & Fuel Ford 1710 Recomended Engine Oil. Quality Ford Compact Tractor Parts for Sale. I only see one filter in the hydraulic system on …. How do I check to see if the alternator and voltage regulator is handling the recharge correctly? Tractor Ford 1710. I was in the process of moving some of the gravel across my property with the loader bucket of my tractor. Sep 12, 2021 1710 ford front loader hydraulics Sep 12, 2021 / 1710 Ford Hydraulics Problem #1 Renegade1400 New member Joined Nov 12, 2008 Messages 6 Location Albright, West Virginia Tractor 1710-1720 Ford?? My 1710 Ford front loader lift has no power. TSC has 5g pails of utf on sale for 35$. Ford Tractors Discussion Board: Post a Message: Archives: Today's Posts All Forums Options Modern View; Hop to: Page 1 of 22. While cutting grass with a mid mower in high gear at 1560 rpm's on flat ground, the trans suddenly became stuck in "forward fast. 30" All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty; WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. I do not have the tools, or place, to do this work myself. N763, N764, N765 Our remanufactured cylinder heads are reconditioned and ready for assembly, with valves installed Cleaned and tested for cracks for sale. I have replaced the thermostat. Ford 1710, Ford 5600, NH Workmaster 55. I own a 1986 Ford 1710 tractor. The problem I have is that the hydraulics work maybe for the first 5 minutes then. I currently have only the drawbar and an auxiliary control valve hanging off the rear - but planning to add a small aftermarket box blade/ripper. My 1710 Ford front loader lift has no power. Update: Got my 1710 hydraulic system flushed and has clean oil, finally! Flushed it out with diesel and it ran clear. James M Smith Discussion starter · Jan 5, 2021. The change of gears seems impossible because of the sticking of the transmission on the gear itself. 5L 3-cyl diesel: Compact Diesel Tractors published in 1995, by Ford: Tractor Buyer's Guide published in 1989, by Ford. In direct contrast, my Ford 1510 has a DuAl 105 loader that operates with the 3-pt in any position except all the way up. Remove pump and motor as outlined. ME 17:10:49 10/18/23 (0) NH TC35 hydraulic fluid - Mike(NEOhio). Just got a new oil heating element and I want to. Joined Jul 16, 2006 Messages 4,004 Location Kansas Tractor Ford 1700, Kubota MX-4700. G Why ain't I happier?:sidelaugh 1983 Ford YT-16 1986 Ford 1710 2wd,FEL,Rops,Canopy 1971 Ford 2000 Dsl. I'm currently trying to decide between a 1986 Ford 1710 with 1800 hours and a FEL for $5000. 7 Common Problems of Ford 1710: 1. Consult official literature from the manufacturer before attempting any service or repair. If I stop the engine and wait a minute, I can restart and get a lift for a second or two. List Price: Core Charge: #M23=1700 & EARLY 1900 FORD NOZZ. Report to Moderator: Can anyone give me a place to start looking to correct the problem. New Holland Agriculture Genuine Parts. Ok I’ll will have follow the wires and see. You will find all the aftermarket parts you need for your Ford Tractor 1710 on NAPAonline from batteries, brakes, headlights and windshield wipers to engine, transmission, ignition and steering parts. Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 21, 2019. Report to Moderator: The three point hitch on my 1710 has developed two problems which I think are related, but I don"t know what to check. Support everything well enough to be safe. I used it in my Cummins Big Cam, 800 cu in, 400 hp, 80,000# GVWR International Rock Bucket. I am lookin for some better information on adjusting my values on a 3 cly diesel Ford 1710. New, aftermarket Ford 1710 Hydraulic Filter for sale with a solid manufacturer warranty. The cover comes off, then a spring, then the screen. Check the couplers, driveshaft, and if they are good, rotate the dropbox output shaft while attempting to shift into 4wd. This is not the brake pad, but the mounting pad on. Ford 1710 Tractor Workshop Service Manual for Repair. ( i've been running that oil in my varios fords for …. Check any clamps or connections in the suction line. Hi All- I am stumped by an electrical issue on my 1710. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to repair the hydraulic lift on. Compatible with Ford Tractor (s) 1310, 1510, 1710 (all 1/83 to 12/86) Replaces Ford OEM nos 82986703, SBA320040341, SBA320400212. 69 Get it as soon as Friday, Sep 8. Shop all Ford Tractor 1710 parts now on. Cub Cadet-Yanmar ex450 -Ford 1300-Mahindra 2415. If the FEL is working fine then I don't think diesel contamination is your problem. If your looking at a 3939 or 4630 with shuttle shift transmission I would ask if the transmission fluid has been serviced and the suction screen cleaned regularly. Make sure Ford 134a is on the compatibility list in the back of the bucket. Format: PDF Language: English Pages: 66 Number: 42171011 Bookmarks: Yes. Recently bought a 1710 4x4 with FEL (Ford 770A). Looked on line and found some universal seat assemblies that may work. Ford Tractors Discussion Forum: Show Parts for Model: Folks, I have a 6710 cab tractor with lift problems. I have an old Ford 1710 4x4 tractor with an after market front end loader and backhoe I bought about 10 years ago. 3 cubic inch (496 cm), 3-cylinder diesel engine. Tractor Problems & Fixes 5 Common Kubota L6060 Problems (Solutions Included) If you’re having some issues with your trusty L6060 tractor?. Also this tractor is a Sept, 1985. Bought the tractor used and tachometer has never worked. Ford 1710 double hunter said: I have a Ford 770A loader that I just removed from my tractor and am going to put it on the market, it is a single joy stick, I have all the brackets to mount it, the loader worked good with no problems, have no idea what would be a fair price for me to ask for this loader, any help appreciated. I bought a 1710 Ford with a FEL and 4 wheel drive a couple years ago. Need Rear Remote for my 1710. This manual contains all the original parts information you need to properly look-up correct part numbers for the entire machine including engine parts. Ford 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 Tractor All Purpose and LCG - Operator's Manual. Home; Forums; Reviews; Articles; Great Versatile Tractor. Look on ebay or have yours relined. Tractor was always like that,push throttle to idle and use key to shut off,it never would shut motor off with throttle pushed all the way to stop. I am thinking of changing my front mount 715A snowblower to a rear mount. 63): I bought a used 1710 ford and started having o-ring problems in the plumbing between the power steering priority valve and the hydraulic pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Kirby. These problems can be difficult to track down and expensive to repair. This video applies to the 8N and 2N Ford tractors as well. 1710 tractor, you’ll need to find the dipstick, located either on top of the transmission or the rear end. For tractor models 1110, 1210, 1310, 1510, 1710, 1910 all between 1983-1987. Also left/right protuberance differences. Be sure to reference your owner’s manual for specific repair procedures and fluid types to keep this workhorse running for years to come. O-Ring fits Ford 1700 1320 1710 1720 1510 1900 2110 1520 1910 …. Factory FELs are designed to bypass the protuberances on the tractor it fits. cbumdumb said: I am going only by memory it has been awhile. Ford 7710 dual power problems. Glow Plug fits New Holland fits Case IH fits Ford fits Shibaura fits Iseki fits Massey Ferguson fits Hinomoto fits Case fits Allis Chalmers ASAP Item No. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Best Match. The tractor has been parked & not running for a while. Seems to be specific to the three point as the loader stays up just fine. Hello I have a 1986 Ford 1710 with a front end loader Ford 770B. Parts manuals can be sort of interesting in a twisted sort of way, at least for some people. From my experience working for a farm equipment dealer they are a better tractor than the newer New Hollands with the fiberglass hoods/fenders. Hydraulic power steering fluid can leak from worn or damaged hoses and failing seals. Due to other problems with my tractor, I have burned up a starter about every 100 hours! When the 4th starter burned up I discovered the reason. So I have tried a total of 3 regulators: Original - Voltage increased up to 17 volts before I shut it off. Ford 1710 Engine ; Air cleaner, dry ; Pre-heating, glow plugs ; Compression, 23:1 ; Rated RPM, 2700 ; Idle RPM, 750-2875. Need to clutch to turn the starter and it keeps the tractor from unintended longing forward when the tractor is in gear. Jensales se enorgullece de traerle el Manual de servicio para su Ford 1710 Tractor. One rear rim is rusty but doesn't leak at this time comes with 5' 3pt finish mower and 3pt back blade. More specifically, the 3-point lift allows the operator to operate and adjust the operating height of the three point hitch and tractor implements. Make sure your battery cables are good. Tractor Ford 1700, Kubota MX-4700. Posted: 6/14/2021 3:46:15 PM EDT. Location: North Arm, Queensland, Australia. The Ford 1710 information resource from TractorByNet. I put a new O ring in but still leaking. In the past, this often meant spending hours searching through local stores or contacting various dealerships. Fuel Injector Nozzle For Ford Tractors 4100 4600SU …. Ford New Holland 1710 Tractor Service Manual & Illustrated Parts Catalog Manual -2- Manuals. Ford Tractors Discussion Forum: Show Parts for Model: Discussion Forums > Ford Tractors > Ford 7710 dual power problems. Less than 40 HP Tractors Online Auctions. 86' FORD 1710 TRACTOR, 26 HP DIESEL, 4WD, 12X4 GEAR SHIFT TRANSMISSION, 3 PT HITCH, 540 PTO, ALL HYD. Tried to do some grading yesterday and the 4wd won't engage. Also should note that I do have the red "charging" light on in the gauge. 1985 Ford 1710 4x4 Ford 770b loader attachment 26hp 3cyl diesel 2125 hours 3 point PTO Ag tires weighs approx 3700lbs Trans recently serviced, new throwout bearing and trans seals. Re: Looking at buying 1985 Ford 1710 Compact 4x4 yes or no? in reply to chad from michigan, 01-06-2015 12:17:30 The 1710 in the picture has the cheaper transmission, that does not have synchro shift/live pto with 2 stage clutch. It never gave problem doing this ,so we never messed with it. If it moves more than 1/8 of an inch then that is likely your problem. Ford 1700 overheating and building pressure in radiator. This setup offers a greater usability in the actual world. Defective valving and improperly set safety controls can not operate normally just due to clean oil either. We have a ford 1710 4x4 tractor. If the loader isn't being used and the 3pt is lifted you can feel some amount of pulsing through the tractor. the coil connection is the set of contacts where the relay is powered and grounded. I have got unusual issue with my Ford 1710. Ford 1710 Tractor Problems: A Comprehensive Guide to Common. All you proved was the starter motor works and the main battery cables & …. Includes overview, specifications, photos, reviews, links, parts and everything you need to know about the Ford 1710. Type of User: Homeowner 10-50 Acres Location: USA VA I also considered. All new, used and rebuilt parts have a 1-year warranty. The tractor will still "start" when set up like this, but will not move. Brake Shoes, Set of 2 - Set of 2 Brake Shoes for Ford Compact tractors 1300, 1310, 1500, 1510, 1710. 1910 Serial Numbers: Location: Serial number plate on the left side of the Ford 1910, near the clutch pedal. Tractor still runs great after almost 40 years and fortunately has needed nothing but very minor repairs and fluid changes while I have owned it. I have verified that the battery, solenoid, fuses and starter all …. On any tractor, and especially compact tractors, weight = traction. Welcome Guest, Log in or Register: 07-16-2008 11:36:15. Features B+ post and one (1) three wire-single plug connector with E (ground), F (+ from reg), and N (AC) spades. asylum said: JC, May 5, 2008 / Ford 1710 Injector Pump oil Problems #20. Production: Distributor: Ford Manufacturer: Shibaura Compact Utility tractor: Built in Japan: Original price was $14,000 in 2000: Ford 1720 Engine: Shibaura 1. Some common issues include the mower deck rusting, engines blowing up, and transmission problems. Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a used transmission dipstick for my Ford 1710 four wheel drive? i don't want to create any new problems. Ford 1710 tractor: maintenance data. 1710 starting problem in reply to JP. Had to take the charger off due to rain. If I disconnect and reconnect the battery, it resets. Joined Nov 6, 2014 Messages 1,184 Location SE, MI Tractor Starter removal Ford 1710 - Yesterday's Tractors Jun 27, 2019 / 1510 Starter problems. These models you have to put the gear selector in the neutral position to start. Ford 1710 hydraulics and assisted steering in …. All Models (800) 853-2651 • Tractor Parts • Engine Kits •. Hi, I had asked a previous question about a starting problem with my Ford 1710 tractor. CVPost-eddie haskel wrote: (quoted from post at 13:47:08 06/21/21) my priority valve is still leaking on my 1710. I hope this is in the right place on the forum, if not pardon my ignorance. The 4WD models are equipped with 6. Full dimensions and tires Ford 1700 attachments. Usually, reversing for some distance, like. Jan 18, 2022 / Ford 1710 will not stay running. Heck with it, starts just fine. If you can help please let me know. Ford 1710 Tractor hydraulic pump fix question. Feb 24, 2010 / I need some advice about loader speed ford 1710 w/770B #6. I noticed the hydraulic fluid was milky so I drained and replaced fluid and filter. Removing that nut will remove the pressure relief valve. First problem:I noticed when raising or lowering my bucket it is not smooth but jumpy Menu. Jul 12, 2013 / Ford 1710 hydraulic problem. Our team of knowledgeable parts technicians is ready to help. Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:44 am Post subject: Re: 1986 Ford 1710 Won't start. Sep 13, 2021 / Help with Ford 7108 loader on 83 1710 tractor #3. 1710 Ford Tractor Runs and Drives well. Tractor 1710 Ford, Versatile 150. Then you would look down into the case, and see if the shifter is rubbing. You can Order Online by clicking one of the links above to go to our Online Parts Store for Ford 1710 Tractor Parts. This enables the user to connect a wide range of attachments to the vehicle. A engine powers the 1710 tractor. almost as much as I payed for it. There are two pumps listed for 1710's covering from 1983 on. When I run the voltmeter on the output post of the alternator I get 12. We also carry a great selection of new, rebuilt, and used Ford ® tractor parts for years ranging from the 1930's to the present. Pull the filter and see if you have any clutch material in it. Hello all We have the same problem with high grass on the FarmPro 2420 (20hp) with a 60" finish deck. com Ford 171 tractor information. Tractor Ford 1710, 770B loader 758A backhoe; Ingersoll 4016. I was rather surprised when I could find neither a level nor drain plug anywhere on the pump body. The nice part is that the stands stow in the loader …. in reply to 1710bob, 07-26-2007 13:33:54 You can try heating the bolt with a. Sep 29, 2005 / Ford 1710 PTO stuck #7. Joined Nov 28, 2007 Messages 125 Location Mandan ND Tractor '84 …. Ford 1710 hydro lift problem in reply to Ray T. 1710 4 wheel drive shifter issue. It has been accepted for inclusion in Nebraska Tractor Tests by an authorized administrator of DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Some of My Tractor Stuff is on my YouTube Channel. (800) 853-2651 Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:28 pm Post subject: Re: 1710 safety relay problems: if power is shorting to ground instead of flowing thru a trans neutral switch. Makes the lights, engine temperature, and fuel gauge drop out. Ford New Holland 1710 Tractor Service Manual & Owners Operators Manual -2- Manuals. If it has only two, replacing O rings on the spools will only last a short while. Ford 1710 utility tractor review and specs. Ford Tractors > Ford 1710 hydro lift problem. You can order a shim kit to increase pressure by adding shims (about 150 psi per shim). Jul 3, 2018 / Ford 1710 low oil pressure #8. In looking at the shop manual I have to assume the water pump bearing is bad. QOH: PART# 1: SBA314500361: Air Cleaner: $75. i have cleaned the screen filter several times and changed the hydr. I am looking for photos of how the factory ROPS attaches to the 1710. I bought a Ford 1710 a few months back, I believe it is basically the same tractor (previous model). I scrub out the fuse clip, clean the fuse, and it only works for a while. With I switched the key to start the tractor it did not start. Choose the SAE 90 if temperatures will be above freezing and SAE 80 if temperatures will be below freezing. Wrapped Polyester Cord (Item #: 113985, Ref: SBA080109055) $9. Ford 1710 Double or Single Clutch?. You have some kind of an electrical problem affecting your guages. Weaver’s Compact Tractor 22 Fish Hatchery Road …. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups. I am not finding parts to repair it, (gasket set, rings, bearings, cylined head). I'd be darn certain to put the welded coupler against the drop box and not the front diff pinion shaft. Fit on my 1987 ford 1710 tractor and I can see the fuel again. Pto problems on a 1710 ford tractor. Ford 2000 Tractor Steering Problems Ford Jubilee Tractor Parts Ford New Holland 2120 Tractor 7700 Ford Tractor Air Conditioner Parts Ford Tractor 2555 Ford Tractor Temperature Sensor Ford 1710 Tractor Info 2n 9n Ford Tractors Ford Tractor Serialnumbers Ford 2910 Diesel Tractor Ford 3400 Industrial Tractor Ford Tractor …. SOLVED: Where is the ford 1710 internal hydraulic filter. 2)Press the engine stop controller. In addition to the mid-mount mowing deck, the Ford 1710 was matched for the 930A rear finish mower in 59 or 72 inch widths. Might just be crud clogging the filter. New Complete Tractor Fuel Injector for Ford/New Holland 500307714 500307714R. Start with a CLEAN container, and drain a sample into it from the bottom of the reservoir. Very impressive drive train pow. Ford 1710 tractor Demo - Purple Wave - No Reserve Auction. Ford 1710 front tire size. A Tractor Before The Tractor. Item 205625 FREE SHIPPING on orders above $249. Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No. Then it's a good bet the pump is not moving any fluid for whatever reason. I had it for a few days and noticed it had a head …. The bearing and shaft fit right back in the same way it came out. Howdy Butch, welcome to the tractor forum. 72F700 said: Pretty sure the hydraulic pump is worn out. FORD 1710 Less than 40 HP Tractors For Sale 1. I've been shopping for a used tractor for a couple of months now, and came upon a 1995 Ford 1620. The Ford 1710 is a two-wheel or optional four-wheel compact utility tractor from ten compact series, manufactured by Japanese company Shibaura for Ford between 1958 and 1963. All States Ag Parts Water Pump Ford 1510 1710 SBA145016450. Compare 30 million ads · Find Ford 1710 Tractor faster !| https://www. You probably have a dual clutch and the pto clutch is either stuck or out of adjustment, If you don't have a service manual get one. 8 inches 215 cm: 2WD Exhaust: 73. Compact Utility tractor Previous model: Ford 1710 Next model: New Holland 1720 Series next: Ford 1920 Series back: Ford 1620 That model had optional transmissions that probably addressed this problem. com Ford 1710 tractor photos information. I'm also going to hand rotate ( as soon as I figure. I am also at a loss about what to do with my 1710 which was disabled very early in its life and has had minimal use since 1988. This machine has 4x2 2WD wheel drive system,12 forward and 4 reverse transmission system. I'd guess it's time to change it. When shifted the other way, it should be connected to the PTO driveshaft, clutch, and turn much harder. Our experienced and friendly sales staff are available to help with any of your Ford 1710 tractor parts and engine parts needs. Problem engaging PTO on Ford 1710. WIX Filters : Filter Look-Up Feb 13, 2010 / Ford 1710 rear hydraulics slow/not working. But it's gotten worse, and right now, can't be moved. The lift would lower on its own when she was using it, making it difficult to move heavy loads. Should you have any problems reading your document, please initially try upgrading to the latest. , are the common problems of the Ford 1710 tractor. Parts Lookup - Enter a part number or partial description to search for parts within this model. To test my theory, disconnect the PTO drive shaft for the tiller from the PTO shaft at the back of the tractor, and with the engine not running see if you can move the PTO shaft forward and rearward with your hand. A few years ago I installed a new solid-state voltage regulator so that is new. I have a Ford 1710 and really like it. This can be caused by various factors, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, coolant leaks, or a clogged radiator. IMPROVED PDF manuals: Bookmarked, Searchable Text, …. Today, the motor stalled first problem I've had with the tractor. Eligible customers may enroll in the Program through MyCNHiStore. Ford 1710 Free Tractor Data. Ford 1710 Battery Question. Please click the button or scroll down to find our recommended Ford 1710 Attachments. Ford Cars & Trucks; Open Questions:. JC, Aug 14, 2008 / 3 point hitch won't lift #7. Replaces Ford OEM nos SBA340450240, SBA340040070, 83924166, 87765078. My concern now would be that the coupler has 1/4 less engagement now. Pressure will make the / edge dig into the cast and harder to push out. Ford Tractors Discussion Forum: Also is there a permanent fix to broken bolt problem? This seems to be commom on 1710"s with front end loaders. Joined Mar 11, 2002 Messages 52,238 Location Central florida Tractor. I just brush hogged 10 acres with it. If you do not find your replacement part, contact our Parts Counter at 1-800-231-6876. Tractor Kubota L2250 and Ford 1710. I just bought this ford 1710 and wanted a new seat assembly as mine is cracked. The Ford 1710 Ten compact series compact utility tractor was manufactured from 1983 to 1986. I have a 1700 and never had a problem, but I don't have a FEL Dec 1, 2013 / Ford 1710 FWD Driveshaft Issue #3. joecdeere said: Looks like two leaks to me, the silver thing is the hydraulic pump, the blue thing under it is the valve feeding the power steering, looks like the o-rings are way past due for changing (see pic below) If you're really seeing antifreeze, I'm betting the bypass hose off the water pump is leaking, it's right above and. In that this is the very first problem I've had with this since new I don't think this is a reoccuring problem. Remove each of the service cylinder plugs one at a time and attach the hose fittings. Notice: Every attempt is made to ensure the data listed is accurate. Hydraulic Lift: A Sinking Feeling Alice's next issue was with the hydraulic lift on her Ford 1710. This tractor is equipped with three-cylinders Shibaura H843 diesel engine with 1. Many owners have also reported that the Ferris IS3200Z is difficult to start and does not. Feels like smaller machine when sitting on it driving. Re: 1710 safety relay problems in reply to Louis Shamenek, 10-05-2009 08:22:42. so you have to put a load on it to unfreeze the pto clutch stage. RAREELECTRICAL New Starter Motor Compatible with Ford Tractor 1710 1715 1720 2120 SHIBAURA SBA-18508-6510. It starting running funky a few months back. asylum said: Today I hooked up the finish mower. The original part number is SBA198416280. Ford 1710 steering shock replacement. There is a tube that attaches these two and it has 2 o-rings in it to prevent leakage. These manuals include needed instructions to operate, maintain and service your tractor using detailed diagrams and manufacturers specifications. asylum said: I figured I would start a new thread since it is a different topic. For a while, it was very intermittent, and I assumed a bad tank of diesel. The loader should operate with the 3-pt in any position. On the bottom of that block is a large hex nut. Or, a 1979 Ford 1900 4x4 with 1600 hours and a 771 FEL, old bush hog, and blade for $6800. Buy New Holland Parts Online & Save!. Does anyopne know what the rpm's are on the front PTO on a 1710. 5 volts no matter what engine rpm. Under the right side is a rod that can be lengthened. SHOP MANUAL FORD Models 1100-1110-1200-1210-1300-1310 1500-1510-1700-1710-1900-1910-2110 The tractor model number, serial number and engine number are . Or fastest delivery Sat, Sep 30. If the loader valve is disconnected the relief valve still provides protection. Recently we are experiencing repeated failure of the seals on the hydraulic pump. Re: Ford 1710 with no hydraulic filter in reply to budrikus, 06-12-2019 09:11:26 Makes no sense to me. 1st and reverse are "shift lever up", 2nd and 3rd are "lever down". May 25, 2012 / 1710 3pt hitch problem #2. I think the 1710 and the 1720 following it were the most successful tractors Ford build since the 8-2-9N's of over 50 years ago. The Ford 1710 is shown on the left with a loader attachment. Jul 31, 2011 / Ignition Problem Ford 1710. Lighting issue on ford 1710. O-Ring for Ford Tractor(s) 1000, 1100, 1110, 1120, 1200, 1210, 1215, 1220, 1320, 1500, 1510, 1520, 1560, 1600, 1620, 1700, 1710. Three point won't go down. I have a Ford 1710 tractor without any pressure at all. You need to use a Universal Tractor/Trans Hydraulic Fluid (UTF) that says on the label that it meets or exceeds the Ford/New Holland M2C134D specification. Seat position seems high with steering wheel low. The current discussions about 1710 aux ports and 1920/Allied loader hydraulics have some relevant info. All seat fold and have the 4 standard mounting points on the base. The solution is really simple, it seems that if you take it to a shop they figure it out right Ford 1710 tractor. I may have also burnt up my glow plugs. Where Do You Find the Serial Number on a Ford Tractor?. Posts: 5406 Upper Ottawa Valley. We sell numerous steering parts for Ford/New Holland compact tractors including: seal kits, steering shafts, steering bearings, and shims. Firestone and Titan have sites that are fairly easy to navigate. 1983 Ford 1710 4wd - 1978 Cub Cadet 1450 Some of My Tractor Stuff is on my YouTube Channel. When the tractor is running with a load on the 3 point (like a bush hog) the load. I recently bought 7 acres of land to put a house on, and it came with as far as I can tell a 1984 Ford 1710 tractor. Ford 1720, 2910 John Deere 970, Case 1845. Do an internet search for Datsun 1200 alternator. Can check for resistance in cables to see if you have a corrosion issue or just replace cables with new. I read thru this thread but I have not solved my problem. Just to followup, I was able to find a used "dish" from Worthington AG Parts. has always been hard starting, but the last few years has been. I have rebuilt the hydraulic pump and have trouble with the priority valve blowing seals. Re: Ford 1710 Fluid specifications and capacities in reply to Rocky, 08-22-2004 14:04:02 Rear axle/TX/PS/hydraulics 27. Find used Ford 1710 Tractor for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, Amazon and others. It has been sitting for around 10 years per sellers family. The bucket is fairly small as loaders go but it's probably a good match for the tractor. 770B loader control valve issues. You will have to determine if your tractor has draft control or not. Re: Ford 1710 broken bolts in front end mount. Problem 2: I decided to remove the pump entirely, by removing shaft coupler nut, and two nuts on the pump casing, but the keyed shaft refuses to back out of the gear. The New Holland T6030 tractor and Claas Volto 870. I will re-post tomorrow with readings and pics of the loader plumbing. I took off the cowling today and looked and the cable appears to be properly connected in the back of the gauge as well …. (Item #: 179612, Ref: ABC4360) $105. You will have to pull the hydraulic pump to check it out. not personally familiar with the 1710 but a 1720 has a diverter valve block under the floorboard where you connect a loader, if that was turned it would display these symptoms. New Holland parts shows that the remote kit for this model is no longer available so I had to come up with a custom solution. Problem: When I start cold, both the bucket and three-point hitch will lift (though the bucket has lost lifting strength). Remember to have the air cleaner removed from the engine and have a 2x4 close by when you first try to start it. It was rough with a torn up transmission and various other issues. Re: Ford 1710 in reply to Sev1710, 04-13-2022 10:31:30 Get a friend, another tractor, or a pick-up truck and chain and hook to it and pull it in a higher gear with the the glow plugs heating and the throttle about half open and let the clutch out. Hold this position until the pto stops. Engine details Ford 1710 Transmissions. I know I have posted this about four months ago but I still have the problem. I'm completely ignorant about tractors and how they work. It is located in front of the brake pedals on the side of the transmission. I know the bearing was placed back in the same location it was in, the ford dealer is the one that pressed the bearing on. Welcome Guest, Log in or Register: Author [Modern View] JP IN FL 01-20-2011 10:21:04. Mar 18, 2022 / 1710 engine stalls, I really need your assistance #9. One of the advantages of working with certified mechanics is their access to ge. SBA314100521 MUFFLER (VERTICAL) fits FORD 1210-1910 $121. Description Of Possible Faults / Problems And Their Solution. Includes: Pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing and pilot tool. (not welded straight, not enough spline engagement, etc, etc) Dec 1, 2013 / Ford 1710 FWD Driveshaft Issue #5. The tube is connected to the oil pump via some kind of …. The correct way to fix this is to split the tractor and set the clutch back up correctly. 1984 Ford 1710 Tractor, 3cyl diesel engine, 2WD, model# AL312A, 3 pt hitch, 540 PTO, 5. Ford 1710 Injector Pump oil Problems. I charged the battery and tried again. Nouveau Redneck Premium Member · #4 · Jul 21, 2021. There is a specified clearance between 3 bolt heads and the pads they push on. Joined Dec 10, 2011 Messages 12 Tractor ford 1720. 1710 3-pt and hydraulics problem discussion in the Ford forum at Yesterday's Tractors. PLEASE, PLEASE don't do this without knowing exactly what your current pressure is and if it needs increasing to meet the spec. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. When it is cold my 1710 3 pt lifts slow but only at idle. However, if you leave the pto enguaged, it will not even start. Ford 1710 4x4 1984 Synchromesh Transmission sn 06564. When shifted one way, it should be free, turning very easily. Oct 23, 2010 / Brake repair on Ford 1710 tractor #4. Used Ford 1710 Tractor for sale. Production of the Ford/New Holland 1710 Tractor started in 1983 and continued until 1986. Exact tractor is 1983 Ford 1710 4wd 1798 hours. I have also noticed that there is a distinctive pulsing in the hyd system and I can see the hose leading to the rear "jumpin" with the pulsing. 1983 Ford 1710 4wd - 1978 Cub Cadet 1450. Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2020. If you're using plain hydraulic fluid that could be contributing to the problem. 2x24 rear tires are used for 2WD tractors. Re: Ford 1710-1720 no crank in reply to RenegadeWV, 08-14-2016 17:48:38 You could try using both jumper cables to go direct to the starter from the battery. Any way the dealer fixed it but has over 6k in the tractor. Re: Ford 1710 PTO problem in reply to souNdguy, 06-27-2007 07:06:38. in reply to 1710bob, 07-26-2007 13:33:54 You can try heating the bolt with a torch and get it red. To validate your warranty: A contaminated system should be completely flushed by …. This is regarding a 1999 Deere 4100. Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:58 am Post subject: Re: 1710 3 point problems. Factory Repair Manual For Ford 1310, 1510, 1710 Tractor. Compatible with Ford Tractor (s) 1700, 1710, 1900. I have never has any issues with any part of the tractor (except water pump) until now. With some troubleshooting and TLC, you can likely resolve common clutch and transmission problems with your Ford 1710 tractor. By familiarizing yourself with common lift problems and following the troubleshooting steps discussed in this article, you can effectively. If you change the tran/hydraulic, make sure the 3 pt is down, raise the fel up and curl the bucket up and let. eBay; Ford Tractor Rims; Ford Tractor Rims. Allis Chalmers; Case & David Brown; Farmall & International; Ferguson; Ford & New Holland; John Deere; Massey Ferguson; Massey Harris; Minneapolis …. 2 Posted 06/09/2017 by Craig Simon. 50; 3 Cylinder, Original Equipment Manufacturer NGK(OEM)GLOW PLUG(3CYL) M14 FORD GLOW PLUG SBA185366060. If your PTO is mechanical with levers, check the linkage between the hand lever and the clutch. Hi-looking for some advice on a problem I'm having with my '84 ford 1710. Manual For Owners And Operators. Inspecting the radiator for leaks, Thermostat Malfunction: A malfunctioning thermostat can disrupt the coolant flow and cause overheating or. If you look on messicks site under 1710 hydraulics 05E01 REMOTE CONTROL VALVE & PIPING KIT W/POSITION CONTROL, 1110, 1210, 1310, 1510, 1710, 1910. remove rear wheels and brake drums, remove the differential cover, rotate the diff to access the diff pin bolt and remove, remove pin, push axles inward and remove c clips, slide out axles and replace seals. eBay; Business & Industrial; Heavy Equipment, Parts & Attachments; Heavy Equipment; New Listing 1978 FORD 3600 FARM TRACTOR - 45 HP DIESEL-Second Owner-Looks and Runs Amazing. The best part was how well it was packaged! ;-) Sep 13, 2012 / Ford 1710 replacement rim #7. Thank you, Francis Jul 21, 2021 / Ford 1710 Battery Question #2. Muffler Replacement for Compatible with FORD NEW HOLLAND Tractor Compatible with Models - 1210 1310 1510 1710 FORD NEW HOLLAND Tractor Parts 314100521. Another solution might be to shift while rolling and clutch depressed. Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 7 x 6 inches; 10 Pounds. In addition, we have a generous 30-day return policy if this item needs to be returned for any reason. I have not been able to identify the number one cylinder. Roll bar makes storage a problem. 1983 Ford 1710 Offset Tractor, 1286 hrs, Front and rear cultivators, Shed kept, Great shape and ready to keep working! $16,900 Reasonable shipping is available anywhere! $16,900. After sitting for a month i started my reliable Ford 1710 to do some driveway maintenance. I replaced the bearing that is pressed fitted on the PTO shaft on the rear of the tractor. Bill Apr 23, 2011 / Ford 1710 - Slow and Weak Rear 3pt Lift - Help! May 1, 2011 / Ford 1710 - Slow and Weak Rear 3pt Lift - Help! #50. If not or they don't have a history of it I walk away or be very leary. Its the same oil Ford recommends for the powerstroke. ↳Ford 1520-Full Tractor Cab for N1 Tractor Canopy, Folding ROPS Tractor Cab. One of the most common problems with the Ford 5000 Tractor is overheating. All of our compact Ford Parts are new non-oem, unless we specify otherwise. Transmission variations include an over/under four-speed consisting o. Jun 9, 2017 / JD1025 TLB or MF GC1710 TLB #2. Shop all Ford Tractor 1710 parts now on NAPACanada. Unfortunately, water in the oil can also be a symptom of a far more serious problem, such as a cracked engine block, a cracked cylinder head, or a leaky sleeve. New, aftermarket Ford 1710 Suspension Seat for sale with a solid manufacturer warranty. Have you been having issues with your trusty old Ford 1710 tractor lately? As reliable as these machines are, even the best equipment needs some TLC from time to time. Ford 1710 Tractor Operator's Manual download. Thanks for any help Aug 22, 2015 / Needed - Transmission Dipstick for my Ford 1710 4WD. If you don;t have enough go buy some more. with switch in on position Volts drop to. Broken Tractor carries a large and extensive selection Ford Tractor Parts for the compact (Japanese Built) models. Re: Ford tractor id - Sean in PA 14:04:10 10/19/23 (0) Re: Ford tractor id - shaun wallace 13:40:12 10/19/23 ( 0) 1957 Ford Powermaster 861 Free to a good home. At that time the tractor was cranking but not starting. Having problems finding the right parts? Give us a call on our Ford . As of last week I had the tractor starting and running fine. When the three point lift is raised it jerks. Tractor Ford 1710 Found an easy fix to water contamination, I replaced the gasket on the dipstick/filler with an o ring and problem solved. Diagnose the cause of water in tractor oil. The 1710 tractor is compatible with a mid-mount Ford 915 mower deck, rear-mount Ford 715 snowblower, and Ford 770A front …. You can check out the data at TractorData. Somehow the spacer that …. It's not really a problem, as the rear only has to be lowered a tiny bit for it to work. The engine started up fairly easy and runs great. Phone: Buyer's premium included in price USD $680. Related Article: 6 Problems with Ford 3600 Tractors (Explained) The Ford 8N Tractor. -Online Parts Store Helpline Hours - Weekdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Central Time. Want to confirm whether or not 1710 Ford Diesel tractor has "2" hydraulic filters. Texasmark said: I don't have a 1710 but on my other Fords over the years that little port you are talking about is where you bleed the pump and/or attach a pressure gauge for troubleshooting. Posted by Ron on July 31, 2004 at 12:20:13 from (209. I will try to remember to look up the spec tomorrow. Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ All States Ag Parts. Another thing you can do is check for water droplets on the oil dipstick. It will show you how to adjust it. Posted 02/28/2017 by Larry Kirwan "I bought a tractor for all-round use clearing, snow plowing, etc and it has really done a good job so far. SOLVED: My Ford 1710 tractor has lost hydraulic power to. I broke it in 3 sections, rebuilt the trans, checked the clutch, and replaced the front driveshaft coupler which fixed the 4 wheel drive. You really have to push the clutch all the way down quite hard to get the PTO disk to disengage. With that problem fixed, I got this starter for an amazingly cheap price. The lift system is a critical component of Ford tractors, and encountering problems with it can disrupt your farming operations.