Ben Bergquam Twitter Extremists at the Border: How the Far Right Exploits the Migrant …. It’s not the Delta Variant; it’s the BORDER Variant! 100 Percent Fed Up reports – Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News tweeted out a video showing the enormous crowd lined up for Donald Trumps Rally in Cullman, Alabama, on Saturday. Proud Boys Accused Of Threatening Fresno City Council President. Powerful interview with Eric Whiting of East Palestine, OH. This is what democrat open border policies get you. The fence prevents anyone from seeing inside the faciliy’s parking lot. Art Del Cueto, Vice President of US Border Patrol Council, discusses the cartels taking advantage of Biden’s #AmericaLast border agenda in the Tucson sector. Exclusive Live VIDEO: AZ Explodes with Migrants as Media and …. From Cullman Alabama - #TrumpRally! Sleepy #CreepyJoe, look at this crowd, they’re not buying your lies! @RealAmVoice https://t. They are breaking the law and their oath of office. Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona discusses the impact that the #BidenBorderInvasion is having on his community. They’re just changing the definition! 14 May 2023 14:46:44. I am a Christian conservative husband, father, son, and brother who loves this country and the values it was founded on. WASHINGTON — Federal authorities have arrested and charged five members of a militia alleged to be run by a former candidate for Congress in connection with the Jan. #NFL #MondayNightFootball #DamarHamlin - everyone is thinking the same thing. More of what Secratary Mayorkas and Joe Biden really don't want you to see, as thousands of illegals continue to pour across in Brownsville, Texas! “Law & Border” only on Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice @AgueroForTexas. ““If we continue heading in the same direction we’re going to lose complete and total control of our borders. Benjamin Franklin had a total of 16 siblings, seven of which were half siblings from his father’s first marriage. Streamed on: Nov 30, 5:00 pm EST. Infantry and armor troops continue on at this location with their advanced training, but all recruits assigned to Fort Benning have to com. Law and Border live episode now. Don't give a fuck whose feelings get hurt," she wrote. This guy is using your tax dollars simply to try to fight having to pay child support to his four year old daughter, that Joe and Jill Biden refuse to…. RT @Saorsa1776: WATCH: Ben Bergquam Walks Through Tent City Filled With Illegal Aliens Trying To Enter US. Bus companies, taxis, airlines, hotels and NGOs are making a killing!. My message to @CNN, the DOJ and the rest of the Democrat propaganda, enemy of the people, #Fakenews media about their leaked Trump recording. Unbelievable! There’s literally nowhere to walk in the sidewalk because Democrats have allowed El Paso to be overrun and this is what El Paso PD decides to do?! #Pathetic! Please RT and help expose this BS!. Visit Ben Bergquam's video archive on the Frontline America Facebook page and watch the hundreds of videos exposing the left. Capitol building complex Wednesday demanding a ceasefire between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel, prompting conservatives to wonder how many of them will be handed 20 year prison sentences. Ben is reporting from CPAC Mexico this weekend for Real America’s Voice. Lieutenant Governor and candidate for NC Governor, @markrobinsonNC in Greensboro, on the weaponization of the “injustice” system and the direction of the country. Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, released exclusive footage that he took while investigating a Cartel bridge on the Colorado River that is used by migrants from all over the world to cross illegally into the United States of America. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News on Twitter: "Expose this evil!". “This is the important part! Listen to what they say. 137,679 likes · 3,527 talking about this. “I went to Matamoros, Mexico today to see if any of what Secretary Mayorkas said yesterday was true. American conservative media has played down the gravity of the storming of the U. #Trump2024 “Law & Border”…”. The disease affects your central nervous system by disrupting communications between your nerves and brain. Significantly, Ben is known as the chief and author of Frontline America. This is what democrats want in America! #CloseTheBorder and declare the cartels as terrorist organizations!. Not to mention, with folks taking to Twitter and TikTok these days, anything is apt to go viral — for better or worse — on the nigh. Powerful message from 22-year-old homeless man named Wes in Phoenix, AZ. PILSEN — Pilsen Pastor Emma Lozano was about to step out of Lincoln United Methodist Church Saturday to attend a League of United Latin . “It was really pandemonium out there everywhere!” - Mark Sonnenclar, RNC attorney testifies at @KariLake trial against Maricopa County elections. When it comes to connecting with people, celebrities can’t get enough of Twitter. The next day they explored the Village . Kari Lake shared the following clip from her speech on Twitter. Exclusive: Day 1 heading into the Darien Gap with Senafront special forces to show you the truth the left and the #Fakenews media (especially @nytimes) don’t want you to see!. This is what Democrat open border policies does to small communities! With Uvalde, TX Mayor Don McLaughlin. Conservative talk-show host Ben Bergquam (center, with selfie stick) was among several activists who converged on a Pilsen church on Saturday. “Breaking: Hunter Biden escorted by Secret Service motorcade to court appearance in Little Rock, Arkansas. 61K Followers, 491 Following, 1,968 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ben Bergquam (@benbergquam) 61K Followers, 491 Following, 1,968 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ben Bergquam (@benbergquam) Something went wrong. Law and Border Episode 3 Part 3 - Kari Lake …. Happy Independence Day Y’all! God Bless America… from Arkansas! Villy says this might be a little too much, but I kind of disagree! #Freedom #2ndAmendment https. New episode of “Law & Border” drops this Saturday at 8pm eastern! Tune in and tell a friend - Expose the #BidenBorderInvasion and the disaster the Democrats have created!. Thank you so much for having the balls to even state the words 'Catholic Charities' on a live video. “Secretary Mayorkas, Joe Biden and the Democrats have “effectively managed” to sell out America! From Yuma Arizona as the invasion intensifies. Celebrities Forced to Delete These Unreal Tweets. Biden’s Border invasion is only getting worse! Border Patrol told me…”. Ben Bergquam – October 8, 2023 Twitter Files An aggregate of all the released Twitter files kept up to date; UN Watch an important site demonstrating the hypocracy and corruption of the UN; Vlad Tepes Video Channel This is where you will find all video content since mid 2017;. For most of the 110 years since Arizona became the nation's 48th state, canvass day was a routine marker — the day that put a period to the . This is the reality of what Democrats invitation to invade America looks like in real life!. Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice is doing an outstanding job reporting from Mexico and the US southern border. Watch Steve Bannon's "field correspondent" blame his Covid …. Stay tuned for President @realDonaldTrump live in an hour on @RealAmVoice. This is what open border policies look like. Ben Bergquam is Steve Bannon's "Real America Voice" field correspondent. The training experience for recruits assigned to Fort Benning varies depending upon the assigned job. "My Christmas gift was losing my [sense of] taste and smell and having a 105-degree fever, and. At CPAC Mexico… the Communists have come out to play. “Schools had to lock down 48 times because of illegal alien bailouts in the small town of Uvalde Texas. ” If you don’t believe that, you’re probably not a Christian. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News Veterans for America First, patriots, and conservative candidates from across America stand in the gap that Joe Biden and anti-American left have created at the border!. WATCH: Brave Investigative Reporter Ben Bergquam Records …. Want to know why the cartels helped the Democrats steal the election from President @realDonaldTrump in 2020 and @KariLake, @AbrahamHamadeh and…. His name is Ben Bergquam, and he has recently. By NewsHound Ellen — January 8, 2022. Trump backers spark heated confrontation outside Pilsen church. My interview with Congressman @andybiggs4az. Breaking: just caught Hunter Biden leaving the Stephens Building in Little Rock, Arkansas in a Secret Service motorcade. Pro-Palestinian sympathisers stormed into the U. In multiple Twitter posts in the past month,. Lately, Bergquam’s clips have been a staple in the Twitter feeds of Kari Lake and other Republican candidates, but Bergquam has a history of being a political provocateur and …. Listen to the woman at the end - Powerful! #MAGAPrideDay Miami, Florida. Real America's Voice "correspondent" Ben Bergquam has been hospitalized with the "Biden variant" of the "China virus," but he thanks God he's not vaccinated. He says he brought his own prescription for ivermectin--an unproven COVID therapy. Some of you may ask, “Did you really take your #MyPillow into the Darien Gap?” And the answer is, of course I did! For the best night, sleep in the whole wide. -The timeline originally suggested it took him 30 minutes to drive from his grandmas house to the school so I decided to drive it. Happening now in Brownsville, Texas. Made a stop in Houston Texas to see how the refugee game is going. Hundreds of illegals flooding Eagle Pass! This was the fifth group that we saw today. British actor Ben Chaplin, born in London in 1970, is not related to silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin. The cartels don’t care and neither do the people supporting this invasion!. It only took me 55 seconds - watch video. While on a golf cart ride back from dinner, the golf cart Ben, his wife Villy, and his daughters Olivia and Chloe, flipped over on its right side after making. “#TrumpRally Warren Michigan! Don’t believe the #FakeNews, #MAGA is growing! Stay tune for our live coverage at 4 PM Eastern only on Real https://t. The cartel is directly marketing to China and the CCP because of Joe Biden and the Democrats open border policies. lawsuit: Maricopa County asks judge to seal evidence of signature verification from public. “Either way, good riddance YouTube, and thank God for social media that actually believes in free-speech like #GETTR, #TruthSocial & #Clouthub! My last message back to YouTube was only regretting that @elonmusk hadn’t bought them too. Ben Bergquam was in Lukeville, Arizona last week to show just how bad it’s getting. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News. “Some great memories from how we got here! #RoeVsWade #ProLife #WeAreTheProLifeGeneration”. Ben is an optimistic and hard-working Christian conservative husband and father of two …. This will take place within days. Expose the #FakeNews and fight for America!. Today on #LawAndBorder we’ll hear some of the stories from families directly affected by the crisis. More unbelievable, breaking footage from Lukeville, Arizona! Secretary Mayorkas and Joe Biden don’t want you to see this. “Why’s it happening? Because this administration created that magnet. Capitol by a mob supporting outgoing President Donald . Crazy… Dope in the ocean! They use human smuggling to cover the drug smuggling. Bergquam had appeared with the RAV team to give the details of what he saw in Normandy, France at the burial site for the men and women who were killed there, in action in WW2 when the country was liberated from the NAZI’s so many years ago, leading to a very powerful …. UN Superhighway Full of Dem Lies, Cartel Bandits, Abused. Extremists at the Border: How the Far Right Exploits the. How Many Siblings Did Ben Franklin Have?. Please follow Ben Bergquam on GETTR and Twitter @BenBergquam , on Youtube, Rumble and Facebook on Frontline America, on Real Americas Voice and The War Room podcast and here. Still, it’s one thing to see it on Twitter and another to hear it from the mouth of the person sleeping next to you. “Veterans for America First, patriots, and conservative candidates from across America stand in the gap that Joe Biden and anti-American left have created at the border! Biden’s border invasion must stop! Stand up America! @RealAmVoice @Carolina4NV @JanMorganMedia”. National Butterfly Center on Texas border closing indefinitely after. “The mainstream media wants you to focus on the guns but evil is the problem! The evil that we’ve allowed into our society when we took God out!”. Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Order on Real America’s Voice, was in Brownville Tx for the third time to show the results of the open borders in Texas and to track the activity of the illegal migrants who have taken over the area. 9k followers on his @BenBergquam Twitter account. More than likely ANTIFA trying to get Trump supporters to go away. Man my new @realMikeLindell edition #MyPillow feels amazing! Think how much better that guy would feel with one of these & no mask! We should start buying them for. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam Night Op in San Salvador with El Salvador National Police in a neighborhood previously controlled by MS13 prior to Bukele becoming President. tyrant democrat cop decided to ticket me for walking next to the sidewalk while over 1,500 others are breaking all sorts of laws and city ordinances. Special thanks to our supporters and announcing a special gift for supporters between now and July 11th. “From the Selma North Carolina Trump Rally! Someone tell the left, life can be fun, just be #MAGA! 😉🕺🏽🇺🇸 @RealAmVoice”. East Palestine Ohio, almost two months later and the chemicals are still in the water. Screenshot by NPR/Facebook Just before Christmas, a. 'It Is Human Torture, and They're Abusing People': The Brutal. The massive UN-driven human migration, through the Global Compact on Migration, that President Trump got us out of, and that Democrat Joe Biden got us back into, has been covered by Real America’s Voice for years, with investigative reporters like Ben Bergquam and Anthony Aguero. But there’s at least one MAGA diehard—an associate of Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon—who has taken things a step further. body { -ms-overflow-style: scrollbar; overflow-y: scroll; overscroll-behavior-y: none; }. Please share and stay tuned for part 2. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News on Twitter: "Former US Army base in Panamá transformed into leftist NGO hub, housing many of the organizations that are aiding the invasion of America! The United Nations, OIM and the rest of these leftist NGOs need to be defunded and investigated for their role in the largest human… https. It has been more than three weeks after a Norfolk Southern Southern train derailed in the community and spilled toxic chemicals throughout the area. I’m pretty sure three points is a site where they meet. #BidenBorderInvasion @RealAmVoice @edhenry @EpochTimes @maureen_bannon @Saorsa1776 @UniteAmerica1st @AgueroForTexas @Oscarelblue”. “Fox and Friends” airs Monday through Friday from 6 a. It is safe to say that Ben Bergquam earned an estimated net worth between $3 – $5 million in 2022. Recently, Ben has been reporting from the Yuma, Arizona sector. “Good morning, y’all,” he began, donning a U. “There are a lot of people that unfortunately that are on the reservation that make money off of the drug cartels. Shoutout to Clifford and his mom Carol - We love you being a part of the RAV family! @RealAmVoice. “@nwbound81 If you claim to be a Christian it’s what you profess to believe. Powerful testimony by RNC attorney, Mark Sonnenklar, “had there not been tabulator issues at 132 vote centers this election would have resulted, would have ended up, with @KariLake. We broke this story a couple weeks ago but today we take you to there. Big Ben is located in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. “It was really pandemonium out there everywhere!” - Mark Sonnenklar, RNC attorney testifies at @KariLake trial against Maricopa County elections. We will still be your university’s independent and student-run news publication,” The Collegian said on Twitter. Now, Yiannapolous – possibly joined by . Trans Rocks and Diversity Trees! … On this day of trans activism, as state capitals are experiencing insurrections, I figured this message was timely. Join the conversation and please share! Expose the left and hold them accountable. With slicked-back hair and a large “45” tattoo on his arm, he appeared on Bannon’s show with Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, a conservative news network founded in 2018 that streams Bannon’s show. Ben Bergquam at the Yuma border last night. Tweet Real America's Voice correspondent and host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam, posted a new video on Wednesday exposing the invasion at our Southern Border, where he caught coyotes preparing to bring groups of people across the border. He initially rose to fame after he live-streamed the. It’s amazing how upset people are on social media for simply asking the question “was he vaccinated?” Is it not a legitimate question? #WHO Decides?. Tanks and mountains of toxic waste in East Palestine, OH. In addition, he is all around perceived for his fights and lobbies for the media . “@GregAbbott_TX, when are you going to declare this as an invasion and stop them from coming in? Everything else is simply burning more money and not fixing the problem. Ben Bergquam's wife injured in auto accident. War Room #MAGA Posse has a message for Steve Bannon, and for America. Catch the past shows here: https://americas. California City Council President Cited for Assault After Shoving. Ben Bergquam, a contributor for the far-right site Real America’s Voice, posted a minutelong clip on Twitter, repeating false claims about sex trafficking. Matthew Bracken on Gab: 'Ben Bergquam. Facebook One of the group's leaders, Ben Bergquam, said that Arias tried to throw him down the stairs. Police officers are now being placed outside the homes of. He insists that young people don't need vaccinating and he is certain that natural immunity is better. When it comes to impeccable style, one name that stands out in the world of men’s fashion is Ben Silver. July 4, 2021 by Kari Donovan Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, and his sweet family of warriors are recovering well from a tragic accident that left wife and mom, Villy, hospitalized and recovering in a wheelchair. Ben Bergquam is a journalist and correspondent for Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) and was a supporter of Donald Trump. Marcus and Annie Ellison share how they carry on the memory of their son, Chase, through http://onepillkilled. Democrats have turned Border Patrol into Uber for the cartels! El Paso, Texas #BidenBorderInvasion #NationalSuicide “Law & Border” @RealAmVoice. Ron Filipkowski on Twitter: "Steve Bannon’s ‘Real America’s …. RT @JackPosobiec: BREAKING: THE MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFFS JUST HAULED BEN BERGQUAM AWAY FROM THE ELECTIONS OFFICE https://rumble. “8 days later and it seems more questions than answers about the Uvalde shooting. READ MORE… UN: Migrant Makers of Chaos Urge School Boycotts During Week-Long Celebration of their Usurpations October 11, 2023 We need to get out of the UN. A scuffle between Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias and conservative activist Ben Bergquam was caught on camera earlier today. Bergquam family survives violent golf cart accident. Huge turnout at @KariLake #SaveArizona rally! Arizonans are fed up with the Fraud! @RealAmVoice. Unlocking the Secrets of Impeccable Style with Ben Silver Clothing. It breaks my heart too! “Number one enemy of America: Uncle Sam. Judge grants request, as he says, “errors on the side of caution. “Part 1: Interview with Jan 6 Political Prisoner Ethan Nordean, aka Rufio. Choosing the Right Pieces from the Ben Silver Collection for Every Occasion. Tom Homan and the America Project announce lawsuit against federal government’s dereliction of duty. Caught in the dark of night more “military-aged men, many with criminal records and with bad intentions,” as reported by Ben Bergquam, who was on …. Nobody has the guts to do that. “Part 5: Interview with Jan 6 Political Prisoner Ethan Nordean, aka Rufio. Sneak preview! From the Darien Gap… The modern-day slave trade brought to you by Joe Biden and the Left! With. More powerful testimony in the @KariLake trial against Arizona election fraud from Rich Baris, @Peoples_Pundit. I don't know, but here is some evidence to consider. @RealAmVoice @Saorsa1776 @Rach_IC @ConradsonJordan @KariLake @realLizUSA @bennyjohnson @JackPosobiec @charliekirk11. — Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) December 24, 2022 Following Jarrett’s testimony on Thursday, TGP’s Jordan Conradson and RAV’s Ben Bergquam followed him outside the courthouse to confront him on this printer issue. Bergquam, Fulfer and Phillips often post videos of themselves on social. “Ant trail invasion - Happening now in Tijuana Mexico at the San Ysidro Port of Entry! CBP1 being used by Joe Biden and the Democrats to hide the invasion that they’ve invited! Please RT and expose these traitors! And stay tuned for our new episode of “Law & Border” today at 4pm…”. Expose the left! Great work @TalkMullins! 19 May 2023 01:40:35. 7+ million illegal immigrants have crossed since Biden took office — including 1. In videos shared to YouTube in late 2019, Ramirez and Bergquam traveled to the city of Tapachula, Mexico, and took footage of migrants waiting to get processed at a nearby immigration center. "Border Patrol Knows It's Here and They Allow It". ⚠️Breaking: Clay Parikh testimony at @KariLake trial says he inspected 15 duplicated ballots yesterday and out of those 14 out of the 15 inspected were 19” ballots printed on 20” paper. Bergquam was recently reporting on the illegal aliens hiking through the Darien Gap en route to the United States, where he encountered the body of a dead pregnant woman who the Democrats invited to come to America and vote for them. Real America’s Voice’s Ben Bergquam has been striving to expose the ever-growing migrant crisis at the Southern border of America. Ben Bergquam reported on the ground from El Salvador at the Santa Tecla Cemetery, where he exposed the evil MS-13’s infiltration of the “entire country. Frontline America with Ben Bergquam. - Allows American soldiers died in Afghanistan. Ben Bergquam ran into Eduardo Bolsonara, the popular son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at CPAC Mexico this weekend. This is the truth Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas and the mainstream media don’t want you to see. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam I join Christie Hutcherson with Women Fighting For America at the National Butterfly Center in Mission TX to demand Joe Biden stop the illegal invasion to save the butterflies!. We must fire and prosecute Biden and Mayorkas!. Bergquam knew from Border Patrol that …. More from the Darien Gap, Panama. Powerful interview with father from Ecuador who brought his family, including two young children, through the Darien Gap after believing the lies being spread by the United Nations, and other leftist NGOs!. #BorderInvasion! @RealAmVoice @AgueroForTexas @Oscarelblue @realMikeLindell @Saorsa1776 @ConradsonJordan @PapiTrumpo @CabelloAuden. Part 3: @elonmusk @ElijahSchaffer @edhenry @EricTrump @TrumpStudents @RyanAFournier @GovRonDeSantis @TuckerCarlson @IvankaTrump @Jim_Jordan @SenTedCruz @BurgessOwens @AP”. “America, meet Beau Grey, possibly President @realDonaldTrump’s biggest fan! https://t. Ben Bergquam, an investigative reporter for Real America’s Voice, was not only denied government-issued press credentials and removed from public spaces last week at the Maricopa County election tabulation center- but he was denied access to press conferences with election officials, and now this week Bergquam has been censored …. They had a message for Steve Bannon and the #WarRoomPosse… @RealAmVoice. “A few more of my favorite people from #CPAC2023 @realLizUSA, @BolsonaroSP, @mtgreenee, @LindyAnnHopley, @DaveBratVA7th, and Bishop @LeonBenjamin”. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users. Bannon’s AntiVax 'Correspondent' Blames. AND Agenized curriculums across the USA with Brent H. We invite you to join us for a Brand New Episode of Law & Border hosted by RAV investigative reporter, Ben Bergquam. Every day the percentage of illegal alien gotaways grows because of #BidensBorderInvasion! It’s time for the people to act or the government won’t! #TrumpWon #TrumpWasRight #LawAndBorder @RealAmVoice”. “Unbelievable! This was the ad given to us when we were in the Necocli, Colombia. “More of what Secratary Mayorkas and Joe Biden really don't want you to see, as thousands of illegals continue to pour across in Brownsville, Texas! “Law & Border” only on Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice @AgueroForTexas @Saorsa1776 @Oscarelblue @Michael_Yon @BensmanTodd…”. The incident outside the home of Fresno, California City Council President Miguel Arias got right-wing activist Ben Bergquam the publicity he wanted, and it went too far in a protest against. Dead deer on the banks of Little Beaver Creek at the point where it meets the Ohio River. handcuffed herself to Twitter. No matter where you go it's the same enemies of freedom. Just more reasons why the Democrats stole the election from @KariLake. Bergquam posted a video specifically speaking about Border Patrol’s …. Exclusive footage exposing the human misery brought on by the open borders left. Within 24 hours, their lives have changed dramatically. 12, 2020, Field Production Team for Real Americas Voice covering “March for Trump” protest at Freedom Plaza. Ben Bergquam on the Southern Border: "A million people lining up, it's only going to get worse. Now America and the world get to see what happens when you put #AmericaLast!. , to Chicago because they believe “Chicago is the epicenter for many of the organizations that are undermining America from within,” Bergquam said in a statement. BOMBSHELL REPORT: Reporter Ben Bergquam uncovers massive US operation in Tijuana Mexico at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Please share these stories to get ben's amazing coverage out to the American people- we must defeat Biden's reckless agenda for America. Kicked out of the Maricopa County Elections office. Cartel travel agencies working with the United Nations and leftist NGOs to commit…”. Trump Supporters From California Show Up In Pilsen To Accuse. And things are getting worse, and the focus of the …. Tweet Share Gettr Gab Telegram Real America's Voice reporter Ben Bergquam attended the massive anti-Israel protest Wednesday at the US Capitol. Bergquam shared the same clip featured in the Instagram post on his Twitter account on Nov. 61K Followers, 491 Following, 1,968 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ben Bergquam (@benbergquam) 61K Followers, 491 Following, 1,968 Posts - See Instagram …. You wouldn’t think the leftists at Twitter that @elonmusk hasn’t fired yet would be trying to impact the elections?! Noooo! They would never! 🤔 @KariLake for Gov! 03 Nov 2022 17:27:54. With slicked-back hair and a large “45” tattoo on his arm, he appeared on Bannon’s show with Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, a conservative news network founded in. Investigative reporter Ben Bergquam was shown explaining to podcast host Stew Peters that criminal “cartels control the entire border,” and that “everyone that comes across that border has. This is how you change culture. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam · Jun 10 · Lieutenant Governor and candidate for NC Governor, @markrobinsonNC in Greensboro, on the weaponization of the “injustice” system and the direction of the country. He calls it his latest political stunt. Among those arriving at Puerto Limon this day included two American journalists, Ben Bergquam and Oscar Ramirez. Militias, MAGA activists and one border town's complicated resistance. Real America's Voice host Ben Bergquam describes NGOs supporting migrants at the border as "synagogues of Satan" The term is frequently used by antisemites to attack Jews. co/yoCoQPCRgV #NeneAndPapa #GodBlessAmerica #KAG2020 @DonaldJTrumpJr. Just remember libtards, when it’s time to take your nap: http://MyPillow. “Breaking: you have to see and please share this footage! As we celebrated our Independence, our country was and is being invaded! This is just one section of the border that Mayorkas and Biden have abandoned to the cartels near Columbus, New Mexico. Tweet Share Gettr Gab Telegram Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam attended the massive anti-Israel protest Wednesday at the US Capitol. Condoms, rapists, robbers… This is what your open borders look like Democrats! #BidenBorderInvasion “Law & Border” with. I guess it’s just DIY now for these traitors!. that are trying to break into our . #americasvoice #realamericasvoice #lawandborder #benbergquam. On Twitter, Harrison reshared the story and tagged Infowars affiliated accounts. Honored to be ReTruthed by President Trump! #ExposeTheLeft and the #FakeNews - #MAGA is growing! Truth here: https://truthsocial. Ben Bergquam From Frontline America and Real America's Voice ABOUT BEN BERGQUAM Who I am, what got me here, and what's next. Josiah Franklin married Anne Child in 1677. My message to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the County Elections Officials on their vote to certify the 2022 elections! The only thing they’ll be certifying is their corruption!. At the border in San Luis, Arizona - woman from Russia says she and her family have been waiting there for two days after illegally crossing into America. “This just happened as I was climbing Mount Cristo Rey just outside of El Paso, Texas in Sunland Park, New Mexico. YUGE turnout at the @KariLake event in Bettendorf Iowa! #SaveAmerica @RealAmVoice @Saorsa1776 @ConradsonJordan. How Trump allies stoked the flames ahead of Capitol riot. — Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) August 12, 2023 Earlier in his report about Ukraine Bergquam had shown an attack: Fire continues to burn and smoke billows into rain clouds across the sky after a Russian Missile strike outside of Rivne Oblast Ukraine. Breaking, from San Luis, Mexico - more direct evidence that Democrats have abandoned our borders! http://FrontlineAmerica. FBI searches Madera CA Proud Boy’s home after …. Breaking: Admiral Chuck Kubic says Border Patrol in Roma, TX stated last night that they are now coordinating with the Cartel on cartel trafficking times in an attempt to save on manpower. “Art Del Cueto, US Border Patrol Council Vice President, answers the question, “how involved is the tribe with the cartels and trafficking?” On the Tohono O'odham Reservation south of Tucson AZ. Just before Christmas, a right-wing journalist named Ben Bergquam became seriously ill with COVID-19. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam Art Del Cueto, Vice President of US Border Patrol Council, discusses the cartels taking advantage of Biden’s #AmericaLast border agenda in the Tucson sector. Be Very Careful ️ It’s sad that there’s also a Veterans park there also. This will be an absolute disaster if approved! Amnesty, and nothing to stop the flow! Every Republican in North Carolina needs to contact @ThomTillis and tell him NO!. Join us for our new Law & Border show with RAV's Investigative Journalist, Ben Bergquam this Saturday at 4 pm EST. Tracking the cartels at night as they bring illegals across the border. Looking for Bergquam? Found 33 people named Bergquam along with free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles on PeekYou - true people search. During the course of their interviews with migrants, Bergquam accused churches of perpetuating the crisis. Ben Bergquam - Real America's Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam · Jan 29, 2022 #Powerful! Mark Morgan and Tom Homan on Joe Biden and the Democrats intentional destruction of US border security and the death that it has and will continue to cause. EPIC! WATCH: El Salvador President Orders Destruction of MS …. Shoot-out in the jungle after illegal migrants are raped and robbed on our journey over the Darien Gap! This is what open borders looks like! With @Oscarelblue God Bless @senafrontpanama “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice @Saorsa1776 @Michael_Yon…. No American flag but they have this BLM/Trans/Sin flag on the wall!. Does any else smell BS with Scott Jarrett’s testimony?! #MeToo @KariLake trial on Arizona election fraud! @RealAmVoice. “…Rampant and clear violations of federal and state law have become pervasive at the Secretary of State level under Secretary Hobbs and in the Maricopa County. Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice (RAV) and host of RAV Law and Border, made his way to Yuma AZ after investigating the build-up of migrants in camps in Mexico waiting for permission to cross over the border, and showing that, according to his border patrol source, there was a secret process in place to move …. Massive crowd standing with America’s “Retribution” President, Donald J. Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon on Thursday to talk about the conflict of interest between what Catholic Charities claims they are doing in the name of faithful Christians and what they are in fact- actually -doing that is harming humanity as they …. ” Watch: This needs to be seen by the American people! When they tell you they know the number of illegals that have come across our border, it is. He also testified that it could not be by accident! ⚠️This is potentially huge damning evidence of intentional election programming failures!. We all know that some people are just predisposed to say stupid things. “This may be the most disturbing 7 minutes of content I’ve ever shot. Real America’s Voice investigator reporter Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, reminded readers of the ties between Drug Cartels and the Chinese Communist Party – which he and his network of independent border journalists have discovered and exposed. Viewers can connect to “Fox and Friends” on Facebook, Twitter, Email and Instagram. Why are we allowing developers to build and sell to illegal aliens? 14 Jun 2023 11:02:25. The group of five self-described supporters of President Donald Trump, led by conservative pundit Ben Bergquam of Frontline America, traveled from Fresno, Calif. Calling out the #Fakenews fraudulent media! Calling out the environmentalist in #Davos2023! Calling out the open borders left! YOU DID THIS! Destroying indigenous villages in the Darien all to push your open border agenda!. With slicked-back hair and a large “45” tattoo on his arm, he appeared on Bannon’s show with Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, a …. After waiting two hours she was told she needed to go to another polling place to get her vote counted. Behind Closed Doors: More on Runbeck Election Services in …. It’s what’s happening / Twitter. CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus is anti border security and had no business being put in the position in the first place. This should terrified and piss off every American! @RealAmVoice”. ⚠️Warning - viewer discretion advised. — Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) November 11, 2022 Ironically, after covering the scandals of open borders in the state, Bergquam is forcibly being moved past security borders meant to protect election officials from scrutiny. “Scary truth from Brewster County Texas Sheriff Ronny Dodson. Support Tim‘s mission to expose the left and. This should terrify every American! Brigette Gabriel (@ACTBrigitte) of Act for America, describes the terrorist threat coming across our border!. The brand is known for its high-quality, flavorful products and its commitment to providing nutritious meals for families around the world. #BidenBorderCrisis #BorderInvasion #SouthernBorder Watch LIVE http://bit. The line of people seemed to stretch for miles which surely triggered …. This is a balloon that's about to pop and it's all by design. Something to think about before calling it a night. Having the ability to easily describe what you’re feeling can become addictive. We went to test to see if everyone is welcome,” Bergquam told Politics 101. New Article just dropped from @Saorsa1776! Subscribe for the latest truth in news, exposing the left and shining light in the darkness! 29 Jan 2023 02:18:44. "Stop clock" is a physician/lawyer/former Republican candidate who isn't *quite* anti-vax. Mainstream media is silent but America needs to hear this! @RealAmVoice”. With the mark there is nothing that’s going to save your life. com/users/BenBergquam/statuses. Update From Ben On Accident And Status Of His …. “The Death of America! From Eagle Pass Texas. How Many Attended Trump's South Carolina Rally? Crowd Size …. Supporting MyPillow using Code: Frontline also supports Ben and his family. Continue to pray for Arizona and America. Kuna/Guna Indian tribal representative takes us to see what Joe Biden's open borders has done to one of their water sources. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News on Twitter: "This is what happens when you promote based on the color of someone’s skin and their sexual preference and ignore their incompetence!" This is what happens when you promote based on the color of someone’s skin and their sexual preference and ignore their incompetence! 15 Jun. He pointed out an area likely used by cartel members to rape women. com promo code: #FRONTLINE for the luxurious Giza Dream Sheets for as low as $29. Ripping up documents and just walking on in! A video the left doesn’t want you to see. @chiproytx on the realities of the invasion occurring at the border. On April 25, 2022, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, struck a tentative deal, purchasing Twitter for $44 billion. Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, recently filmed an expose of a taxpayer-funded Non-Government Organization (NGO) called ‘No More Deaths,’ where a member of the group admitted, on film, that the people in the compound were in the United States illegally. Ben Bergquam serves as a Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) correspondent. Vicious insults, calls for violence, and threats of death. “Here’s the video! Maricopa County elections official uses sheriff deputies to deny our 1st Amendment right and threatens to arrest arrest me and @ConradsonJordan of the Gateway Pundit. Cartel travel agencies working with the United Nations and leftist …. Unbelievable! With Matthew Tomlet and. Please pray for the Bergquam family, and consider donating:. @RealAmVoice @KariLake @charliekirk11 @JackPosobiec”. HOME; ABOUT BEN BERGQUAM; BREAKING! VIDEOS; FRONTLINE RADIO; UPDATES; SUPPORT THE MISSION; NEWS Loyalty of US Rep. His father, Josiah Franklin, had 17 children in total. Several members of the media were shoved and assaulted at President Trump's campaign rally in El Paso, Texas, last week. The family, Ben, wife Villy and children Chloe and Olivia, arrived from California on Monday, June 21. Why is the mainstream media not reporting this? #BidenBorderDisaster @RealAmVoice”. Law enforcement was nowhere to be found, and they were unable to respond to his call. The MAGA Clowns Making Chaos at the Border Have Ugly Pasts. These Democrat demons are asking for a civil war. Ben Bergquam currently works for Real America’s Voice, a far-right streaming channel that is most well known for carrying Steve Bannon’s “War Room” show. Hole in the wall - Lukeville, Arizona - cut by the cartels that are profiting off Democrat suicidal border policies! #TrumpWasRight #BidenDidThis #BidenBorderInvasion #SaveAmerica #Trump2024 Law & Border - Real America’s Voice News. Today at 4pm and again at 11pm eastern (1 and 8 pacific) part 2 of our miniseries “Law & Border: Root of the Invasion” Only on Real America’s Voice News. How Do I Advertise on Twitter?. IOM handing out condoms and birth control to women & children before they go across the Darien Gap. And that’s only part of it - The end is insane! How much more days do we have to see before the people rise up? #BidenBorderInvasion #Title42 “Law & Border” only on Real America’s Voice News…”. There are 700,000 to a million prepared to storm the border when Title 42 comes off, reports Ben Bergquam. This fraud needs to end! And these frauds in Maricopa need to be prosecuted! 09 Feb 2023 20:14:19. Streamed on: Apr 15, 8:00 pm EDT. In the video below Bergquam updates his followers and gives them …. Ben Bergquam believes that abortion is murder, homosexuality is what the bible says it is, there are only two genders and you …. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This just happened as I was climbing Mount Cristo Rey just outside of El Paso, Texas in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Biden’s Border invasion is only getting worse! “Law & Border” -…”. Biden’s Border invasion is only getting worse!. “Alex Jones and AZ Patriots call it like we see it. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News on Twitter: "Before the #FAKENEWS lies about it again here’s a real look at the crowd at the Trump Rally in …. The moment Olivia and Chloe met @KariLake People always ask me how Kari is in person. Today during Villy's surgery her femoral artery was . Honored to stand with these hero’s of Panamá! #Senafront @RealAmVoice @Oscarelblue. Listen to all the nations, as the non-citizens stroll by. Customs and Border Protection, on Secratary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, lying to Congress. @RealAmVoice @JackPosobiec @bennyjohnson @Oscarelblue @ACTBrigitte @AmandaHead @Saorsa1776 @laurenboebert @RepMTG”. There was a water station behind the elementary school for the illegals and a farmer that helped illegals. Footage released in Mexico of Americans being kidnapped by cartel. The truth the #Fakenews media and the left don’t want you to know - they did. @RealAmVoice @AgueroForTexas @”. Ben Bergquam Reports In Panama: Pregnant Woman Left to Die …. “More Trash than Sand! Armila Panama with the Guna Indians where the left is in the process destroying another indigenous community! #Davos2023 “Law & Border. Viewer discretion advised ⚠️ We were invited to the Brooks County, Texas morgue. Reporter Ben Bergquam Travels South of the Border… Exposes …. #BidensBorderInvasion - enriching the cartels and destroying lives along the way!. Don’t give a fuck whose feelings get hurt,” she wrote. Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Immigration Action Summit in Nashville, TN. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News on Twitter: "Former US Army base in Panamá transformed into leftist NGO hub, housing many of the …. Real America’s Voice’s Ben Bergquam and Oscar El Blue continue to expose the origins of the massive border invasion. Free Speech Week: The Circus Is Back at Berkeley (and There Are. National organization to restore USA identity: "One Nation Under God!" - exposing the left and mobil Frontline America with Ben Bergquam. News on the Net -- Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) -- Bio and Archives. Mayorkas Expands Migrant Pipeline Through Panama Jungle. Now he’s stuck in Brownsville Texas after the NGO kicked him out. “Must see interview with @Oscarelblue from Tapachula Mexico on the colonization/invasion that is underway. Other Fresno County residents who were present at the insurrection include Ben Bergquam, Josh Fulfer and Jason Phillips. While he isn’t the first billionaire to step into a media-adjacent space, the move leaves users and members of the general p. Unbelievable interview in San Antonio, TX: Firsthand accounts of children’s organs being removed in the Panamanian jungle. All of these filthy Democrat propaganda #fakenews media outlets and politicians pushing gun control ignoring the evil they’ve invited into our country! @RealAmVoice @realLizUSA @ACTBrigitte …. “Today in Reynosa Mexico the Senda de Vida migrant shelter is overflowing as 1000’s of future border crossers gather awaiting the end of Title 42. Ben Bergquam From Frontline America and Real America's Voice. Joe Biden and the Democrats are using CB1 to hide the true numbers invading this country. Sadly, all of this fraudulent regime are #AmericaLast!. Real America’s Voice correspondent and conspiracy theorist Ben Bergquam also appeared at the meeting for public comment. 1 day ago · — Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) October 14, 2023 David Greyson You can email David Greyson here , and read more of …. Exposed by Tim Foley of Arizona Border Recon. What do you guys think, is this incompetence or corruption? With @ConradsonJordan of the Gateway Pundit. On the ocean between Capurgana and Necocli, Colombia. Today on "Catholic Drive Time": Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - Memorial of Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor of the Church INTRO – Is there an ACTUAL war going on at the border? Twitter on Monday covered up a video …. Watch documentaries the techno-fascists don't want you to know even exist. It's par for the course for Maricopa County election deniers. Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content. From Necocli, Colombia in a camp where mostly Venezuelas wait before crossing the sea and entering the Darien Gap. A few weeks after the rally, the county. Why is it these black racist thugs always target the vulnerable? They’re cowards! Wait till the reverse starts happening… I don’t want to hear a peep out of the left!. Part 1: Kazakhstan, Somalia, Ethiopia, & Eritrea… America is not prepared for what’s coming! Brought to you by the open borders anti-American left! @RealAmVoice @bennyjohnson @JackPosobiec @Saorsa1776 @RepMTG @AP”. President Trump calls out the #FakeNews for not showing the HUGE crowd size in Arizona. But contrary to the post's claim, the video does not show the chain of custody being broken in. There is no greater compliment that I could ask for than the one you gave. Joe Biden’s Open Border Deaths with Deputy Constible Bowels of Eagle Pass, TX. Despite the cold and rainy weather, local media reported that “thousands. Ben Chaplin was born Benedict John Greenwood but used his mother’s maiden name when creating his stage persona. Your Guide to the Most Unique Things to Do in London. Real America's Voice host Ben Bergquam describes NGOs supporting migrants at the border as “synagogues of Satan” The term is frequently used by …. “The full circle if you thought I stopped early to cover something up. National organization to restore USA identity: "One Nation Under God!" - exposing the left and mobil. “When will Biden be arrested? Everything he’s done to this point is against America: - Sells out to Ukraine. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam · Jun 10 · Lieutenant Governor and candidate for NC Governor, @markrobinsonNC in …. “All these Democrats getting upset at #BlacksForTrump being at every rally & getting VIP treatment! Newsflash commies, America is waking up to your lies! Think for yourself, regardless of the color of your skin: white, black, brown or blue! Don’t be Racist - Don’t be a Democrat. What a bottle of ivermectin reveals about the shadowy world of COVID telemedicine. 9:25 PM · Jun 15, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone. The US government paying other nations to expedite the invasion into America with your money! Every state needs to start planning what they can do to stop this. #BidenBorderDisaster @RealAmVoice https://t. In case you missed it, this is the list of politicians and judges with falsified deeds linked to Sinaloa Cartel money laundering in Arizona which was presented as evidence last Thursday in the AZ election fraud hearing. "Alex Jones and AZ Patriots call it like we see it. This is Joe Biden‘s America! @RealAmVoice @realLizUSA @AgueroForTexas @AmandaHead @Oscarelblue @bennyjohnson @chiproytx @Saorsa1776 @ArmendarizDis16”. Met some awesome guys setting up at the Youngstown, Ohio #TrumpRally. On Saturday, Bergquam and the other men. One of the coolest moments of the Cullman Alabama Trump Rally! Every parent should raise their child to love America as much as four-year-old Bella does!. This is an invasion and being brought to you by the Democrats in DC, and the NGOs are profiting. Little did these people know, had we not been there, and had @senafrontpanama not taken out the Colombian cartel members just minutes before, they would’ve been robbed and the women would have been sexually assaulted or raped!. They're just making a cartel millions. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News on Twitter: "Before the #FAKENEWS lies about it again here’s a real look at the crowd at the Trump Rally in Wilmington North Carolina! @RealAmVoice @RealDrGina @Saorsa1776 @realLizUSA @RealPNavarro @ACTBrigitte @JackPosobiec @DanScavino". They are covering up the massive numbers using CB1 as a cover to sneak them into …. Went into a Starbucks in Annandale, VA. Yesterday afternoon, as my two kids slept, the safety of our home was violated by a dozen out-of-town individuals led by Sanger resident Ben Bergquam, a self-identified member of the Proud Boys. Far-right conspiracy theorist Ben Bergquam tweets from the National Butterfly Center on 30 January 2022, espousing the unfounded claim that the center participates in child sex trafficking. When will the VAX Nazis that forced healthy people to die suddenly be held accountable?! 03 Jan 2023 02:42:06. The incident occurred just after 4pm, when the group of approximately 15 men—led by self-identified Proud Boy and Frontline America host Ben Bergquam—came to Arias’ home. The family was in the process of relocating to Arkansas when the entire family was involved in a dangerous crash. Miguel Arias confronted by protesters; he claims they trespassed, …. com Phoenix, AZ @RealAmVoice @Saorsa1776. @MTG4America @RepMTG speaks out about the Democrats failure to attend the Department of Homeland Security Committee hearing on Biden’s Border Disater!. Title 42 may be over, but the invasion is not! #BidenDidThis *Stay tuned for part two! “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News. Join Facebook to connect with Ben Bergquam and others you may know. 22 @5pm Live From America: LAWSUIT FILED …. From the border where Joe Biden and the Democrats have sold out America. Thank you President Trump from Calexico California! This plaque represents a President who put #AmericaFirst. Real America's Voice "correspondent" Ben Bergquam has been hospitalized with the “Biden variant” of the “China virus,” but he thanks God he’s not vaccinated. Why would people drop their IDs you might ask? The answer is simple, so we don’t know who they really are. Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Order, has been risking his own life to educate Americans about what is happening in the Darien Gap, which is considered a ‘superhighway’ between all of the Americas, and is being used to usher innocent, victimized people and hardcore criminals- both- into the United States. He has particularly focused on areas that have been left unattended in order to protect the most vulnerable places of entry. On 1 February 2022, the National Butterfly Center was forced to close indefinitely due to ongoing threats from QAnon and MAGA conspiracy theorists. “Unbelievable footage of illegals on top of Mount Cristo Rey, taunting Border Patrol. Illegals, Illegals, Casa de Gavin is open," said Bergquam, who wore a serape, a sombrero and a fake mustache. Bergquam also made it into the news in 2019, when he was among a group of protestors who trespassed on the grounds of the governor’s mansion in Sacramento, saying they were against Gov. law and border - the ultimate cost with ben bergquam 2-25-23 Watch our Special "Ultimate Cost" Law & Border show with your host RAV investigative reporter, Ben Bergquam this Saturday at 4&11 PM EST. Frontline America’s Ben Bergquam recently met up with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, and they have a very special offer for Frontline America supporters! Use the button below to make a purchase and at checkout, use coupon code FRONTLINE to save a lot of money! MYPILLOW. A one-time staffer for Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, Bergquam was persona non grata at several events. BUSTED: Journalist Ben Bergquam uncovers huge US Illegal Immigrant operation in Tijuana Mexico at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. El Paso, TX is being overrun! Over 1000 illegals today alone! America spread the word: This invasion has to stop and the Democrats responsible for it must be held accountable!. More of the Penske trucks at the Maricopa County elections office. This just happened, on Ruby Road between Nogales and Arivaca, AZ… three illegals in full camo run across the road! Hold the Democrat co-conspirators accountable for Biden’s Border Invasion!. Ben Bergquam is bringing the receipts, live and in-person again, about the crimes that are happening at the US Border- that we know are happening and that politicians and the media are ignoring. Shoutout to Bonnie from Missouri. Powerful video of Santa Tecla Cemetery in El Salvador where President Bukele ordered the destruction of all graves celebrating MS 13. 12 more buses of illegals loaded and heading north from Panamá thanks to Joe Biden and Secretary Mayorkas’ abandonment of America! They call it “controlled flow,” but what it really is, is a controlled invasion by the Democrats!. Steve Bannon's podcast interviews a MAGA January 6 rioter …. Lajas Blancas has been “completely overrun,” Bergquam explained, “because of [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas, and Joe Biden . More corruption from Maricopa County as they race to conceal their election fraud! What’s insane about it, they are denying access to view the signatures for “privacy” reasons, which if allowed would mean we would have no way to inspect for signature fraud in mail in ballots. With Fox capitulating to Dominion and the left, now more than ever is a great time to support Mike Lindell and #MyPillow! Buy from the company that puts America First!. Last Updated on November 12, 2022. 3 Who are Ben Bergquam’s parents? Ans. Please pray, share and stay tuned for part 4. #BidenBorderInvasion @RealAmVoice @maureen_bannon”. As the political debate rages over how to manage a new surge of migrants, Catholics like Rosario Reynolds living along the U. On Wednesday, the butterfly sanctuary. Epic moment @Oscarelblue caught with me filming the choppers landing just before we were extracted from the Darien Gap, Panama! Exposing the lies of the left!. “Riding with Uvalde, TX Police Chief Danny Rodriguez. “Ben Bergquam- 12 more buses of illegals loaded and heading north from Panama thanks to Joe Biden and Secrt Mayorkas’ abandonment of America! They call it “controlled flow,” but what it really is, is a controlled invasion by the Democrats! This must stop. “Thousands waiting for months in Reynosa, Mexico for Biden’s so called CBP 1 asylum application. , and again on Sunday at 5&11 PM EST. Protesters against Israel's response to the Hamas terror attack on civilians shout Biden supports "genocide" by backing the only Middle East . Interesting theory about the danger of artificial intelligence. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News 6:37 PM · Aug 21, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone. Some of the awesome Patriots at the @KariLake #SaveArizona rally. Bergquam is a “correspondent” for Steve Bannon’s Real America’s Voice where, obviously, journalistic skills and ethics are. Real America’s Voice is a right-wing network that carries Steve Bannon. this is a complete tragedy, travesty on the people of arizona we need to do a revote. Please share, America needs to know the truth about this criminal regime!. With 2 licenses remaining, Kathleen Ann Cullen writes scripts through America's Frontline Doctors. The façade of border security from Juárez, Mexico - the end of the line! Mayorkas is lying, Biden is lying, and Abbott is burning your money!. Way to go Democrats! You did this! 22 May 2023 01:56:07. This is unfortunately the reality in every Democrat run city in America - they pretend they care but in the end they simply use people for money and power and then leave them strung out to die. The San Diego City Council approved a resolution in September opposing the wall. RAV reporter Ben Bergquam El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has begun the destruction of MS-13 graves to show that the criminal cartels are not welcome in his country. Once the truck arrived at Runbeck the gate was closed behind it. Thousands gathered at Senda de Vida camp 2 in Reynosa, MX as Biden and Mayorkas invite the invasion of America! #Title42 “Law & Border” @RealAmVoice @Saorsa1776. More unbelievable footage from the border between Sasabe and Nogales, Arizona! Cartel bunkers, and their leftist enabler’s. “Riding with Terrell County Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland where the community of Sanderson Texas illegal alien apprehensions have gone up 500% under Biden & what is the response from DHS? Announce it’s time to fly the gay flag of course! Apprehension vid: @AudenCabello @RealAmVoice”. Established in 1816, this renowned clothier has been providing discerning individuals with top-quality clothing for over two centuries. Update on the flight that they kicked people off because they over fueled it! 🤯 http://MyPillow. On Friday RAV reporter Ben Bergquam followed a Penske Truck from the Maricopa Election Center back to Runbeck several miles away. Special thanks to our Senafront special forces escort! Stay tuned for footage of the most brutal journey @Oscarelblue & I have ever been on, only on Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice. Now America and the world get to see what happens when you put #AmericaLast! Do you miss President Trump yet? #MeToo! #FinishTheWall! https://t. Ben is an optimistic and hard-working Christian conservative husband and father of two daughters. “The cartel, a criminal organization obviously, is making billions of dollars because of our policies. ” Bergquam is America’s most outstanding investigative reporter covering the drugs and humans smuggled by China and the Cartels in Central America. “The whole idea is to expose the hypocrite Democrats. Please support his journalism here at the frontline, follow him on Twitter and on youtube, and please share this article. Breaking: huge numbers of military age men walking out of the leftist NGO “welcome center” in Brownsville, Texas! Coming to a city near you. Ben Bergquam’s parents’ details are not known. Ben Bergquam Records ">WATCH: Brave Investigative Reporter Ben Bergquam Records. Wonder why Twitter would suppress this video? Automatically sent it to “Tweets & Retreats” which basically hides it. With slicked-back hair and a large "45" tattoo on his arm, he appeared on Bannon's show with Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America's Voice, a conservative news network founded in 2018. ‘Unchecked Locations’: Biden’s Border Crisis Is Worse Than We …. Ben Bergquam, formerly of Sanger, developed a reputation for hounding left-wing politicians at public events. Ben Bergquam - Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News @BenBergquam Real America’s Voice News, National Correspondent / Frontline America, Host / Christian Conservative Husband & Father / Mobilizing Conservative Counter Culture. “The media might have a field day with this one,” she said before telling the hard truth about the southern border crisis. 39 Previous Top New Community No posts We invite you to join us for a BRAND NEW episode of Law & Border: 'Root of the Invasion'. “Biden administration has journalist detained instead of illegals! #LawAndBorder @RealAmVoice @Brandonjarvis”. “Breaking! Massive group of illegals in Lukeville, Arizona! Our country is being overrun! This is why they stole it in 2020 from @realDonaldTrump and stole it in 2022 from @KariLake! #BidenBorderInvasion Law & Border - Real Americas Voice News @RealAmVoice…”. Dire warning! Venezuelan couple say US elections stolen the same way Venezuela‘s were. Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam attended the massive anti-Israel protest Wednesday at the US Capitol. “Stay tuned to Steve Bannon’s #WarRoom at 5! This is from one of the Migrant camps in Reynosa Mexico. Traitorous @SecMayorkas is back in Panama today. Sadly, he contracted COVID-19 and is in the hospital receiving oxygen. Exclusive preview - “Law & Border” Root of the Invasion! Saturday 3pm Eastern Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice http://AmericasVoice. Illegal immigration… the new preferred method of travel for millions from around the world thanks to NGOs and the left! “Law & Border” with Ben Bergquam, @Oscarelblue, @AgueroForTexas & @CabelloAuden only on Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice. Sad reality of law enforcement in liberal areas, they’re part of the problem - enabling lawlessness and attacking patriots that call them out. They know they’re going to be raped but instead of trying to stop it they promote it!. Our open southern border has created the worst fentanyl poisoning crisis in American history. The danger is not that it will turn on man and control us as a sentient being. New shocking footage from East Palestine, Ohio with industrial hygienist Stephen E. Live in Maricopa County with @ConradsonJordan of the Gateway Pundit as the Board of Supervisors is expected to certify their fraud! Stay tuned to War Room with Steve. ““Is this treason?” “Most definitely,” Uvalde, TX Mayor Don McLaughlin. London sees the UK’s highest levels of tourism, boasting 21 million travelers yearly pre-pandemic. — Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) January 18, 2023 Ben Bergquam and his associate Oscar El Blue, both Real America’s Voice correspondents, are investigating what is driving the mass migration into the United States of America and through the borders that are left open by Democrat …. ” - US Border Patrol Council VP, Art Del Cueto exposes wide open southern border on the Tohono O'odham reservation in Arizona. I don’t want to hear a word about COVID from leftists until they stop letting in millions of illegal aliens across our southern border! It’s not the Delta Variant, it’s the #BorderVariant that Democrats are sending across our country that is putting every American at risk!. # MAGA Support President Trump and stand against the godless anti-American radical leftist agenda. Benjamin Martin, a Fresno real estate agent, also was in D. Man from China, who illegally crossed into America, shows us the fungus on his feet that he got from the Darien Gap. — Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) July 22, 2023 “You’re doing a wonderful job!” Mayorkas basks in praise from fellow leftist elites as he oversees the worst border crisis on record. Leftist NGO “Team Brownsville” in Brownsville, TX calls the police on us for asking questions about their involvement in profiting from human trafficking!. Invasion of Sleeper Cells Across the Southern Border?. Not Just Elon: 8 Famous Fans of Bitcoin.